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Estimate How Much You Could Save by Refinancing with 

Simply enter a few details and review the results to determine whether refinancing your loan may save you money on interest in the long term.

This calculator applies to Owner Occupiers with a Variable Rate Loan with Principle and Interest payments. 

For all other loans contact us here.

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You should be able to obtain this information from your bank loan statement or if you know the approximate figures you can use those however the results will be less accurate.

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Currently Fixed Rate loans are even cheaper than the Variable Rates we have used in the Calculator. If you are interested in saving even more conatct us 

The reference rates used are based on LVR bands either above or below 80% sourced from our panel of lenders. 
Calculations are based on interest rates for owner occupiers with a P&I loan. The home loan calculators are intended as a guide only based on the information you input. It does not take into consideration your personal financial situation. The results should not be considered approval for a loan. To find out exact amounts you should contact us. The total interest calculations, exclude any fees and charges that may be charged, for example, Lenders Mortgage Insurance. Other fees and charges also apply depending on the various lenders. Conditions apply. Interest rates are subject to change. Applications for a home loan are subject to approval and satisfactory security.
Different rates may apply for different loan amounts and the ratio of the loan amount to the property value (LVR).