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When was the last time you reviewed your home loan?

Refinancing or changing loans is often done to get a cheaper interest rate or to access a wider range of Loan features.

This could equate to significant savings and also allow you to pay off your home loan quicker.

Best of all it is easier than you think with WALK the TALK

There are lots of good reasons to Refinance. Here are just a few

Get a cheaper interest rate.

Savings can be a big motivator. Ask us what a difference it could make to you.

Get more loan features

like an offset account, ability to pay extra, fee free ways to access your redraw.

Access equity ​

for other things you want to do like renovations, go on a holiday or buying a car.

Change the type of loan

like a sharp fixed rate, a variable interest rate, an interest only loan or a line of credit.

Consolidate debt

and pay out smaller debts with higher interest rates like credit cards and personal loans.

Invest elsewhere.

Use your equity to invest in property, shares or managed funds.

Upgrading oR Buying A First HOME?

Get Ahead of the Game – Get a Pre-Approved Home or Investment Loan

Purchasing a property is not something most of us do very often, so even if you have purchased before you may want to brush up on what you need to do to secure finance for a new property. 

Deciding to buy property will probably be one of the most life-changing, and perhaps daunting, decisions of your life with many factors to carefully consider. Whether you’re a first home buyer or looking to make a wise investment for your portfolio, WALK the TALK can help you through what can sometimes be a confusing and emotional experience. Don’t wait until you have found your Property, take away the financial stress and be prepared when you go searching by getting pre-approved Finance. 

Build wealth through an investment property

Australia's love to Invest in Property as a way to Increase Wealth or to build an Income Stream for Retirement.

The Australian tax system also supports Investment in Property by offering generous tax savings

Capital Gains

There are two ways to achieve Capital Growth through owning an Investment Property.

1. Market Growth. Is the growth that naturally occurs due to supply and demand. The fact that there is more demand than there is supply means that prices go up over time.

2. Adding Value to a Property.
Taking an old house, renovating it or simply giving an existing property a make over can add value to your property and also increase he amount of rent you receive.

Cash Flow

Cash Flow is also called Passive Income and this is where the income from the property is greater than all of the expenses combined. ie The rent is more valuable than paying your mortgage, maintenance, Council rates etc.

That cash flow can then be used for whatever purpose you want. It might be to pay off your own home mortgage, to reinvest or for your lifestyle.

Bonus: Tax Savings

A common strategy with Investment Properties is to have them Negatively Geared. This means the cost associated with owning the property is greater than the rent received. This shortfall can be offset against the tax you normally pay to give you a tax saving.

The way your property makes money is by actually saving you money on your tax bill.